1000 Island Cruises

Yes, you can take a 1000 Island cruises tour boat from a number of different locations along the St. Lawrence Seaway.

At some of these embarkation areas, there are more than one Thousand Island Cruise companies offering tours of the islands and river. I have listed some of them below, but it wouldn’t hurt to do a bit of further checking to find the one that is best for you. For example, some of the tours are in small boats with an intimate gathering, some are with hundreds of other folks, some are dinner cruises, and so on.

Cruises From Kingston

Kingston and Thousand Islands cruise ship

Yes, you can take a 1000 Islands cruise from Kingston, Ontario.

The Kingston Thousand Island Cruise Line embarks from Crawford Wharf, downtown Kingston, at #1 Brock St.

They maintain that the 1000 Islands actually start in Kingston and dot the St. Lawrence River for miles. Their cruise tours into the small cottage islands of the Admiralty group featuring the islands Napoleon’s Hat, Wanderer’s Channel, the Bateau Channel, Mandalay Mansion and includes a water tour of the historic sights of Kingston. To obtain more information on their 1000 Island Cruises, visit the Kingston Thousand Island Cruises website – www.ktic.ca.

1000 Island Cruises From Gananoque

The bulk of the thousand islands lie between Gananoque and Brockville.

People often stumble over the pronouncement of the name Gananoque. If you are not sure, here is how Gananoque is pronounced… (GAN as in gander, AN as in and, AWK as in awkward, and WAY as in, well, way!) Run ’em together….GAN AN AWK WAY and you’ll have it just like you were born here. Except…

Except that… Gananaoque is known as Gan to the locals who don’t bother with the full name.

1000 Islands - sight seeing tower near the 1000 Islands Bridge

Gan is about 30 kilometers (20 miles) east of Kingston. You can drive east along highway #2 from Kingston (highway #2 exits east Kingston across the LaSalle Causeway) right to downtown Gananoque It’s a very pretty drive through picturesque farms and with the periodic glimpse of the St. Lawrence Seaway off to your right as you head east.

Go ahead… you see a right turn that appeals? Take it. Explore. You never know what treasures you will run into, and you will get closer to that mighty St. Lawrence river.

Or, depending on where you are in Kingston, pop up to the #401 and take it eastbound to exit #645 south. You’ll be on Stone Street then, and you can follow it right down to where the 1000 Island Cruises embark in a lovely waterfront setting replete with visitor amenities like restaurants, ice-cream stands, souvenirs etc.

In Gananoque the main provider of 1000 Island Cruises is Gan Boat Line. From highway 401, take exit 645 south into Gananoque. Turn right on Water Street and cross the bridge.

For more information here is the Gananoque Boat Line website – www.ganboatline.com .

Another excellent option for seeing the thousand islands up close and personal, is to take a private boat tour. I was impressed with their offering, and if you have a bunch of folks (up to 8) to accompany you, the cost is quite reasonable. Interested in a personal tour? Here is where you get information on private 1000 Islands boat tours – www.1000islandsboattours.com .

Some of the 1000 islands are quite small.

Cruises From Rockport and  Brockville

If you have the time, another interesting way to see much of the 1000 Islands is to drive as well as taking a boat tour.

If you drive east out of Gananoque on highway #2 (King St. E.) you will see a sign for the 1000 Islands Parkway. The parkway runs between Gananoque and Brockville, and parallels the St. Lawrence River and many of the islands, as you drive along. It’s a very scenic route for about 30 kilometers (20 miles), and worthwhile driving, if you have the time.

Island Queen 1000 Islands cruise out of Kingston

There are some excellent overlooks to stop and see the view and in which you can enjoy a picnic if that appeals.
If you decide to drive the parkway, stop in and see what cruises are available in Rockport, and at the eastern end of the 1000 Islands Parkway, in Brockville.

In Brockville, the 1000 Island cruises generally embark from Block House Island and asking any of the locals will garner directions. It is not complicated to get to Blockhouse Island, and in fact, Brockville’s waterfront is worth seeing too.
Regardless of where you embark on your 1000 island cruise, if you’ve never been to the greater Kingston area, you don’t want to make a trip here and miss seeing the water view of the incredible 1000 Islands.
Make time in your busy schedule to take a 1000 Island cruise. Bring your camera, and take home forever memories of your 1000 Islands adventure.


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