Choralpalooza in Kingston

It first started in 2014. On November 8th 2015 we experienced the second annual Choralpalooza in Kingston.

What’s a Choralpalooza?

Choralpalooza in Kingston is a celebration to showcase the quality and diversity of the choral music scene in Kingston. In other words, it’s wonderful, afternoon-long non-stop entertainment provided by more than a dozen semi-professional and just-for-fun singing groups, present at no cost for all who wish to enjoy music in song.

For this second year Choralpalooza was showcased in the must-be-visited Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts, on the waterfront near Queen’s Unversity.

There were two main venues. The first presented itself as you were welcomed into the Bader Centre. It is the Alexander Murray Jeffrey Grand Lobby, which is located inside the glass in the following photo.

Isabel Bader Centre - incredible-Kingston.comAnd, here is a look at the grand lobby from the top of the stairs, as you enter the Isabel Bader Centre.

inside the grand lobby of the Bader Centre Kingston - Incredible-Kingston.comAll afternoon, from 1:00 pm until after 4:00 pm, choral groups such as She Sings, Limestone City Voices, All the Queen’s Men, Eccentric Vocal Ensemble, the Trillers Vocal Group and many more thrilled all with joyous song in this beautiful grand lobby.

Through the glass walls of the grand lobby the view of the lake and the gorgeous stone of the Tett Centre for Creativity adjacent enthrall. Here is just a part of Tett seen through the floor-to-ceiling see-through wall.

The wall of the Tett - Incredible-Kingston.comBehind the riser, where all afternoon the choral groups provided us with a beautiful noise, the lake glistened through the glass in the afternoon sun. Across the water that same sunlight flickered on the wings of the giant wind turbines on Wolf Island as they rotated in the brisk Westerly wind. Now and again a daring kite-boarder skipped over the waves, braving Kingston’s November water and air temperatures, while inside we reveled to the songs in warmth and comfort.

Grand Lobby of the Bader Centre - Incredible-Kingston.comThe other main location for the Choralpalooza celebration inside the Bader Centre was the incredible Concert Hall.

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