Curling clubs in Kingston

If you are one of the many folks that enjoy hurling about 20 kg (28 – 34 lbs.) of stone down a sheet of ice, then curling clubs in Kingston will be of interest to you.

These Kingston curling clubs are members of  Ontario Curling Association ( The Ontario Curling Association is a voting member of the Canadian Curling Association, which in turn is a member the World Curling Federation.

Curling is good exercise and great fun - Curling clubs in Kingston OntarioCataraqui Golf & Country Club

961 King Street West
Kingston Ontario
T: (613) 546-1753

 Garrison Golf and Curling Club

P.O Box 17000
Station Forces Kingston,
Ontario    K7K 7B4

Royal Kingston Curling Club

130 Days Road
Kingston, Ontario
K7M 9G4
T: (613) 546-2243
F: (613) 541-7522

Note: Curling lessons are available at some of Kingston’s curling clubs, including the Royal Kingston Curling Club. See their websites for details.

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