Inside Kingston Pen

This is page two of information about our recent tour inside Kingston Pen.

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In an effort to bring normalcy to the prisoners and their families, inside the walls of Kingston Pen are a series of relatively recent, and what looks like, small row houses, one of which is shown below.

Conjugal housing inside Kingston Pen - www.incredible-kingston.comThese areas are heavily secured by fence and barbed wire. Nevertheless, these little homes allowed some married prisoners to spend time with their wives, bringing a dose of “reality” to their unreal existence inside Kingston Pen.

What you cannot see in the photo above – and is partially shown in the next image – is that all of these “conjugal town homes” were accessed through razor-wired gates in – I would estimate – about 4 meter (about 12′) high fences inside the massive walls of Kingston Pen. A high level of security for inmates and guests indeed.

Razor wire - inside the walls of Kingston Pen -
The fence and gate securing the conjugal town homes inside Kingston Pen.

On the tour, one can be divorced from the reality of life within the walls.

Then, another view, much like this next one, forces you to consider the reality of the men and women incarcerated behind the walls of Kingston Pen, and life that their family and friends had to endure as a result of their incarceration.

Childrens waiting area inside the walls of Kingston Pen -
Children’s waiting area inside Kingston Pen

When finally able to go in and meet with an inmate, and depending on the prisoner’s sentence, meetings with family or visitors were through a glass wall. Here is the inmate side of one the more secure visitors areas inside Kingston Pen. This secure setup locked the inmate into a cell before visitors were allowed into the room on the other side of the glass wall.

Secure waiting inside Kingston Pen -

And here is what the visitors saw on “their side” of the glass wall. Yup, sometimes the visitor was enclosed in a small cell too.

Visitor area inside Kingston Pen -

Into the Hole in Kingston Pen

When an inmate had contravened one of the many rules and regulations they were sent to the HOLE inside Kingston Pen.

Inmates were stripped, searched (with all of the ugliness that suggests) and placed into an isolation cell.

Next page tells all about “the Hole” in Kingston Pen with lots of photos.