Kingston Orchid Society

Do you like flowers? Do you like orchids in particular?

Then, whether a weekend visitor or a resident of the Kingston Ontario area, you do want to know about the Kingston Orchid Society.

The Kingston Orchid Society are just a group of folks who gather regularly to share their love of orchids. Some grow one, some grow many orchids, and they grow them in a variety of places; window sill, plant rooms, greenhouses, or wherever catches their fancy.

The Kingston Orchid Society  has  a general meeting at the Kingston Senior’s Center located at 56 Francis Street  in the Frontenac Room in May.

All were welcome to attend, bringing their orchids in bloom for display.

The May meeting is the last until September. Meetings take place every month except for June, July or August.

orchids-in-a-containerMembers are invited to “come early” for fellowship, trading and talking to the Orchid Doctor about your sick flower.

The Kingston Orchid Society is affiliated with the American Orchid Society and the Canadian orchid Congress.

They no longer appear to have a website, rather, have moved their on-line presence to Facebook. If you are a FB user and login, you can search for the Kingston Orchid Society there, and contact members via PM.

We, and other orchid lovers, would be happy to hear your comments about your orchid growing experiences and, we would all like to see photos of your prize orchids. You can comment and add photos below.


2 thoughts on “Kingston Orchid Society”

  1. Hi, I was wondering if someone could come to speak to my group about orchid growing. Care, transplanting, best practice kind of stuff. A hands on workshop would be wonderful and we would be willing to pay for the person’s gas and time. Meeting would be at St Andrews by the lake. Hoping for September. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Lisa

    1. Well hello Lisa! Thanks for writing in. Though my website writes about the KOS, this site is not them. This page is being updated to recognize that they no longer have a website it seems, but only a facebook presence. I suggest you contact them via that option at:

      Kingston Orchid Society Facebook page.

      Good luck, and thank you for visiting my site.

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