Lumina Borealis

Lumina Borealis… an enchanted, Kingston and Fort Henry, response to winter… an attraction designed to make Kingstonians and Kingston guests forget a bit about the blustery, winter, body-heat-stealing winds coming in off of Lake Ontario, and to help all to better enjoy winter in Kingston, which includes winter at Fort Henry.

“A long time ago anyone could see the beauty of winter. But as the greater world became distracted with greater stories, only children kept a warm heart for the cold season. Left out in the frost, the spirit of winter found shelter in Fort Henry.” So goes the “legend” written for Lumina Borealis, and written on the attraction’s website.

What is Lumina Borealis?

An on line search defines borealis as “pertaining to the north or north wind”. Lumina refers to “brilliant light”. So I interpret Lumina Borealis to mean a brilliant light from the north or borne on the north wind.

From the hype, and the website, you can catch a “glimmer” of what Lumina Borealis means. They say it is a multi-media, multi-sensory experience that needs darkness to be enjoyed.

Lumina Borealis -
Photo: says “Lumina Borealis will be the biggest winter event of its kind in Canada. It is a completely new concept, an immersive and interactive experience that will give families the perfect opportunity to reconnect with each other and to discover the magic of the winter season all over again. Simply put, Lumina Borealis is a walk through winter’s wonders.”

Well, I guess that means that none of us knows what Lumina Borealis at Forth Henry is really about, except that…

  • it starts December 1, 2016
  • hours are 5 pm until 11 pm
  • is open Thursday through Sunday evenings (closed Monday to Wednesday) from Thursday, December 1 to December 23;
  • is closed for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day;
  • is open nightly from Monday, December 26 to Sunday, January 8.
  • is open Thursday through Sunday (closed Monday to Wednesday) from Thursday January 12 to Saturday, February 4, 2017
  • tours leave every 15 minutes and your ticket indicates your time slot
  • Lumina Borealis will take approximately 45 to 60 minutes to complete the walk (wheelchair and walker friendly, weather permitting)
  • photos, flash-free, are encouraged
  • Lumina Borealis is a multi-media, multi-sensory experience that needs darkness to be enjoyed

We also know that this attraction is a collaboration between the Parks of the Saint Lawrence, and The Moment Factory, a Quebec based company: “we create multi-media entertainmetn to bring people together”.

Ticket prices range from $0 to $12 per person. These are special rates for their introductory year. If they are as successful as I expect them to be, expect the rates to rise next year.

Lumina Borealis?

In the words of their own website “Lumina Borealis is an exceptional, night-time experience in winter in the setting of Fort Henry. Inspired by winter childhood dreams and memories, Lumina Borealis will draw people into a participative, colourful and enchanting experience that is interactive and sure to make you love winter. Find your path through an enchanted land, across a frozen landscape, to reignite your winter spirit.”

I guess we’ll just have to go to find out what that really means. See you there.

Oh, and where is it? Lumina Borealis is at…

Fort Henry
1 Fort Henry Drive
Kingston, ON K7K 5G8

More info? Visit: