Martello Alley

Martello Alley…  a small art gallery with a big idea in downtown Kingston.

The big idea? A gallery that is – All Art, No Attitude!

In the words of artist Lori Kallay ‘Martello Alley is a gallery staffed by the participating artists. They are happy to chat about any of the art work. The air of intimidation often experienced in other galleries is absent, rather focusing on a fun and enjoyable art shopping experience.  Martello Alley is all art, no attitude.

The art starts with your first steps. Re-imagined and transformed from a dark & derelict space, a trip down the historic alley is now an artful adventure.

Entrance to Martello Alley - www.incredible-kingston.comFrom the hand-painted cobblestones of the alley with antique doors and windows used to display artists’ prints to the courtyard resembling a faux European village, visitors are immersed in the art experience.

Art work created for the outdoors hangs in the seating area enclosed by antique iron fencing.

In an effort to promote local businesses, this space is shared with the neighbouring Tea Room during the warmer months. Great art and great food come together in a relaxed atmosphere.

The art gallery at the end of the courtyard is home to over 20 local established and emerging artists.

Martello Alley courtyard - www.incredible-kingston.comTheir work work offers an extensively eclectic mix of styles and mediums. From paintings in oil, acrylic, watercolour, encaustic and fabric to sculpture, photography and jewelry, Martello Alley has something for every budget and taste.

A community leader, Martello Alley is a proud sponsor of great public art events such as Froid’Art and Jardin’Art that engage both the public and downtown businesses. Local artists create pieces that can withstand the elements. The work is either frozen into 300 pound blocks of ice (Froid’Art) or painted on acrylic sheets that are framed (Jardin’Art). The art is shared at local downtown businesses. Set up as a walking tour that encourages the public to explore the downtown while giving local businesses more exposure, these events have been a huge success for everyone involved!

Forid'Art - Martello Alley -
This is an example of Froid’Art!

Martello Alley is open year round.

Whether touring Kingston in the summer, or when the winter winds off Lake Ontario sends one scurrying for cover, take refuge in the warmth of the art found in Kingston’s Martello Alley.

The artists are on site  from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm daily, including Sunday at 203 B Wellington Street, just north/east of Princess Street in downtown Kingston Ontario, Canada.

Martello Alley -

Interested in more information? Please visit the Martello Alley website. appreciates the information and photos about Martello Alley provided by  both artist Lori Kallay and David Dossett.