Art Among the Ruins

Not far from Kingston, just off the Camden Road (Cty Rd #4) and north of highway #401, there is a gorgeous property the owners of which host, once each year, Art Among The Ruins. It has been an annual Kingston area event for seven years now.

This community of unique and talented artists (sponsored by the Anderson family – and championed by Stacey Anderson ) hold the one-day event in June, hopefully under gorgeous late spring skies yet with hot summer-like weather for visitors to enjoy.

Seeing the displays at Art Among the RuinsThis is a juried event. This means that each exhibitor had first to submit a portfolio of their work to a panel and it was judged to be suitable for the Art Among The Ruins event, or not. Some applicants did not get in. There is always a waiting list of folks that want to exhibit their unique artistic talent at this well attended annual event.

The Napanee River burbles its way alongside the property, and exhibitors are nestled in sometimes secluded – sometimes open – areas of this beautifully landscaped property in Newburgh, Ontario. Art Among The Ruins is presented on the site of a former paper mill. Some of the original mill equipment is displayed on the grounds. An exhibitor might find themselves nestled under a copse of mature trees, perhaps adjacent to the river, on a grassy sward, or alongside the walls and stacked-stonework circa the 1870’s.

Sageleaf Whimsy stained glass at Art Among the RuinsAbout 50-60 exhibitors display their unique artistic talents and wares around the grounds. As visitors (no charge to enter) wandered the beautiful property, live music played softly, and almost continuously, throughout strategically located speakers. Everywhere you looked the hosts had placed comfortable seating for guests. It  can become quite hot in the afternoon, and many visitors enjoy the cooling breeze in the chairs down by the river. A local service club typically sets up a food booth, and offers iced water, soft drinks, and hot burgers & dogs. Portable toilets were strategically placed for the guests use.

Because my partner is a talented glass artist ( here is her website ) I had the opportunity of attending this prestigious event as a volunteer. I’m sure glad I did. Not only was I kept busy attending to the hundreds of visitors enjoying the grounds, the music, the food, and the exhibitor’s wares, from time to time I wandered over the acres of property, amazed by both the talent of the various artists and the venue itself.

Artisans at Art Among the RuinsThis is not a flea market, folks. Dave Anderson (patriach of the host family) explained that they have had some artists present at every single Art Among The Ruins since it was conceived, and those same experienced and talented artists presented in this  event. Those same talented artisans will be back next year, along with a smattering of new talent, if the newbies submit their portfolios and get accepted to participate. You’ve got to be good to get in!

If you are looking for something that is unique, is wonderful, is one of a kind, in glass, in pottery, in carving, in bronzed bones, in feathers, in butterflys, in stone – and so on and so on,  put Art Among The Ruins on your list of annual events to visit in and around incredible Kingston Ontario.

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Then, with any luck, if we are fortunate enough to qualify to present in the next event, we’ll look forward to seeing you there! Your comments about Art Among the Ruins are welcome.

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