Buskers Rendezvous

Are you in and around Kingston in July of each year? Are you looking for something a little different to enjoy? Consider attending the Buskers Rendezvous in Kingston, held in July every year, in the downtown core of beautiful Kingston Ontario Canada.

For those that don’t know, a busker is a street entertainer. They might juggle, do acrobatics, sing, play drums, play other musical instruments, do magic tricks and much more. They don’t get paid, and they do pass the hat after every performance hoping that they have entertained you enough that you will throw a couple of bucks into the pot.

Crowds watching buskers in downtown Kingston Buskerfest

 Where is Busker Rendezvous in Kingston?

Buskers will be performing almost all weekend in the few blocks of Princess Street just before Princess ends at Ontario Street.

And, one block West of Princess is Brock Street, which parallels Springer Market Square (right behind Kingston City Hall) and buskers will be around there much of the weekend as well.

Go down Brock Street to Ontario Street, and right across Ontario Street is Confederation Park. It’s a great place to sit and have a picnic lunch, see buskers, enjoy Confederation Fountain, and even make time to take in a Trolley Tour or lake cruise for a couple of hours.

Buskers Rendezvous at Confederation Park in Kingston OntarioEvery year some old friends return to entertain at the Kingston Buskers Rendezvous, and new acts perform each year as well. Even if you’ve been before, come on down and take it in again, as you never know what new acts will be entertaining.

Some of the buskers have pretty elaborate set ups. Others might just use a couple of rolls of toilet tissues, you never know. And, you might even find the odd busker just “hanging around”!

Busker at work at Kingston's Buskers Rendezvous

 Where to get information on Buskers Rendezvous

The website for Buskers Rendezvous in Kingston is updated regularly. Check it here!

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