Kingston Dog Agility Connection

The Kingston dog Agility Connection started with a group of dog lovers, and their desire to formalize spending time with their pooches, in their training regimen (imagine, some folks actually train their canine friends) and turning the process into a competition of sorts. I do not know if they were aware of the scope of dog agility worldwide when they started, yet they certainly do now as is noted on their website.

We encountered the Agility Connection at the Kingston Sheep Dog Trials, where they had a course set up, and we had the opportunity to enjoy the site and sounds of a range of dog breeds competing to be the best (most agile?) dog in that competition.

If you have interest in improving (?) your relationship with your pal dog via training, and getting to know some neat folks, in Kingston, the Agility Connection can be contacted via: .

To give you some idea about what a Kingston dog agility connection meet is all about, here is a short video.

The sport of dog agility is global. Since its inception in 1978 dog agility has been growing at a tremendous rate. So much so that there are now associations in many countries.

North American Dog Agility Associations

In Canada, the dog agility association is here: .

In the U.S., it is the United States Dog Agility Association that is a governing and sanctioning body. More info on them is at:

As I mentioned on the Kingston Sheep Dog Trials page, where we first encountered dog agility, we don’t have a dog pal. In the event that we ever do, we would certainly consider investing some time with the dog agility people. A well trained dog is a wonder and an enjoyment. An ill trained dog is a child with a disposition of children perpetually in their “terrible twos”, at least as far as I’m concerned!

Comments about your experiences with the Kingston dog agility connection are welcome.

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