Kingston Go Karting

At present, there is only one venue for Kingston go karting in the greater Kingston area.

That go karting facility is located at the Kingston Family Funworld Park north of Kingston, a facility that also includes drive in theatres.

For those not in the know, Go-Karts are miniature racing cars, topless, with roll bars and helmeted drivers.

Drivers of all ages can rent one for a while and emulate their favourite race car driver as they hurtle around the racecourse. Depending on the size of the Kart respectable speeds can be achieved while tooling your “race car” around the asphalt track.


Spin outs do sometimes occur, and cars do launch off the track. Go karts leaving the track typically impact harmlessly on the walls of used tires ringing the raceway.

At Kingston’s Family Fun World admission to the park is always FREE. It’s great fun, particularly for the competitive spirit, and it’s a hobby undertaken by kids of all ages. The park also hosts children’s birthday parties.

This venue also offers the visitor batting cages, splash pad, mini-put, carnival type rides, and food concessions.

It is open from spring to fall. Check their website for details.

Kingston Go Karting at Kingston’s Family Fun World

1533 McAdoo’s Lane
Kingston Ontario

Comments about your Kingston go karting experiences, or any other activities at Kingston Fun World are welcome.

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