Prince George Hotel

Kingston’s Prince George Hotel is located right downtown Kingston, across from Confederation Park, and adjacent to Kingston’s City Hall on Ontario Street.

As can be noted on their sign, the storied history of the Prince George Hotel begins in 1809. At that time, Kingston was a navy town, with mariners – both military and civilian – coming ashore to wet their whistles in the waterfront tavern. The Prince George Hotel ably fulfilled that demand.

Kingston's Prince George Hotel

During part of the 1800’s the Herchimer family owned the hotel.

Legend has it that their daughter perished in a fire in one of the hotel rooms. From that day until today, the Prince George Hotel in Kingston is said to be haunted.

Prince George Hotel

Haunting Research organization did an assessment of the upper floors of the Prince George Hotel in 2003 and declared that there was paranormal presence. The hotel has been featured on the American television program Ghost Hunters.

During the U.S. prohibition, the Prince George Hotel is said to have been the headquarters for the rum-runners, those prohibition busters that ran booze across the lake and up and down the St. Lawrence Seaway to the thirsty and welcoming clients in upstate New York.

The Prince George Hotel has caught fire a number of times over its life. The last major fire was in 2004. At this time, Kingston had a professional and well equipped fire department and they were soon on the scene. They fought the Prince George Hotel fire heroically, and managed to save the Irish and British pubs on the ground floor.

Visitors to Kingston can enter the lobby from Ontario Street through the doors shown in the photo above. Go ahead. Step in and look around. Watch for the nice lady at the desk whom, when you turn your head, may disappear from the room. Ask the folks about the Haunted Walk in Kingston. They’ll provide much more information about the ghosts in this building, and in others in Kingston.

Nowadays, late night sailors and weary travellers can no longer stay in the 200 year old rooms in the upper floors of the Prince George Hotel. The hotel rooms have been converted into loft apartments and tenants are there long term now… at least, those that aren’t frightened away by the ghosts of  Kingston’s Prince George Hotel.


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  1. Is this hotel currently closed for business? Is it being restored – hopefully, not condemned due to it’s age. I would have liked to visit it because I am interested in it’s history and would like to take pictures of the architecture. Thank you for your assistance!

    1. The PG Hotel is still a hotel, in the sense that it has guest facilities (bar – restaurant) at the ground level. It is not a hotel in the sense of short term, daily rentals. Units on the upper floors are available for long term rental. You can access the ground floor lobby which, the last time I checked, was still pristine. Come see. It’s worthwhile to enjoy the building, and the location in which it is found.

      1. Is there anyone available to ask questions to about the Prince George building? Who can I speak to or interview to get more information on the history of the Prince George Hotel?

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